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Please read before Proceeding...
You must own and reside in the home on January 1st of the year filing and apply by March 1st.
     These are the items needed:
  • Valid Florida Driver License or FL ID if you do not drive
  • Driver License or Identification Card for Spouse
  • Hernando County Voter Registration Card (If you are a registered voter, your voter registration address must be the same as your Homestead Property address)
  • If you are not a registered voter, a Declaration of Domicile recorded with the Clerk of Circuit Court
  • If you are not a U.S. Citizen, an I.N.S. Permanent Resident Card, a Release Form Affidavit, and a Declaration of Domicile recorded with the Clerk of Circuit Court is required
  • Vehicle Registrations for vehicles owned or leased by you and/or your Spouse
  • Social Security Number for all applicants and Spouse
  • If employed, employers name, address and valid phone number
  • If the Homestead property is owned by a Trust, see your attorney for specific verbiage required on the deed conveying "equitable title to real estate"
  • Mobile Home Title or Registration (Real Property decals required) or proof of Mobile Home retirement
  • Previous residence within or outside Florida and date terminated
* * * Remember - March 1st is the deadline * * *
     If you have recently moved within Hernando County you must reapply for your Homestead Exemption. It does not automatically transfer.
     Any questions please call 754-4190 or visit our website
Warning: Submit only one application for all owners. Submitting multiple applications for homestead may cause delay or rejection of your application.