Central Addressing

  • During an emergency, your address is how we find you! 
  • Provides a location easy to identify for responders. 
  • Standardizes format in a centralized computerized system, allowing the creation and maintenance of an up-to-date Addressing System. 
  • Defines procedural standards which shall be maintained and revised as the County continues to grow. 
  • The system incorporates a custom addressing model, Geographic Information System (GIS), the National Emergency Number Association Standard (NENA), United States Postal Addressing Standards, Publication 28, as well as Addressing Office procedures. 
  • It is very important that roadways are named and addressed consistently and that names are not duplicated. Please click here to see why
  • All of these benefits, to name a few, are extremely important in providing the best services (i.e. Ambulance, Fire, Police, etc.) to you, the Citizens of Hernando County.

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