Tangible Personal Property On-Line
Please read before Proceeding...
     1. A Web Account must be created to access Tangible Personal Property Information.
     2. One or more Business Accounts (TPP Accounts) may be added to your list of businesses.
     3. You will be accessing and updating information for tax year 2023.
     4. Your business name should be registered with the state. See www.sunbiz.org for more information.
     5. To confirm your right to access the Tangible Personal Property information, you will need the Web-Access Code for the account.
         This is mailed to the business owner on record.

     6. Important Dates:
          You can file your DR-405 Tax Return starting on 1/1/2023.
          Your return will be late on 4/4/2023 unless you file for an extension.
     7. Penalties:
          Failure to file - 25% of the total tax levied against the property for each year that no return is filed.
          Filing late - 5% of the total tax levied against the property covered by that return for each year, each month, and part of a month,
                              that a return is late, but not more than 25% of the total tax.
          Unlisted property - 15% of the tax attributable to the omitted property.
Warning: It is recommended that you only submit one tax return per business account. Multiple submissions may delay processing of your tax return.