Report a Missed Pickup

The form below should be used to report a missed pickup by Republic Services within the current week. You have the option of requesting a return pickup or holding the material until your next regularly scheduled service day. If you choose to have a return pickup, please leave your material at the curb for pickup. Missed reports are sent directly to Republic Services for corrective action. You will only be contacted if additional information is needed.  
Please review the following requirements before reporting a missed pickup:
  • Missed pickups may be reported after 6 p.m. on your scheduled collection day
  • Material must have been placed at the curb before 6 a.m. for collection
  • Garbage must be contained in the blue garbage Cart issued by Republic Services. Garbage must fit in the Cart with the lid closed and there must not be anything placed on top of the Cart. Carts should be placed at least three feet away from other obstacles and not have any overhead obstructions. All garbage should be bagged prior to being placed in the cart.
  • Yard waste is limited to 12 bags or bundles up to 50 pounds and four feet in length. Individual branches are limited to four inches in diameter
  • Recycling must be properly sorted in bins, one for cardboard and paper and a second bin for plastics #1-7, aluminum and tin. Glass is NOT collected at the curb
  • Bulk items are by special request only. Please call Republic Services at (352) 540-6457 to request a bulk pickup
  • Hazardous materials, construction and demolition debris, tires and loose material are NOT collected at the curb
  • Please note: Florida has a very broad Public Records Law. Most written communications to or from Hernando County Government are public records available to anyone upon request. Your email, including your email address, may therefore, be subject to public disclosure.

Call Republic Services at (352) 540-6457
or Hernando County Solid Waste at (352) 754-4112  to report previous or ongoing issues with your collection service.

Missed Pickup Form

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(Please report one service missed per form for proper tracking.)
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Do you want a return pickup or will you
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If you request a return pickup, please
leave the material at the curb.